About Us

Web-Away, Inc began in 1990 to provide non chemical insect repellents to families concerned about toxic pesticides and mosquito repellents containing ‘DEET’.  Our natural formulas are made from herbs and extracts…rosemary oil, lemongrass oil, anise oil and extracts from geraniums.  These oils create a natural barrier that keeps mosquitos, flies, deer flies, black flies, gnats, no-see’ums, fleas and other stinging, biting insects away…for hours!  These oils are blended by a perfume company that provides the safest and highest standards for products used on your skin.  That’s why you can use these natural bug repellents on your babies and children.  These are the best non-toxic bug repellents that work better than ‘DEET’.  Buy these great…and best…natural bug sprays that work!  Visit our store and buy them there, Florida Special Insect Repellent and Florida Special Insect Repellent for AnimalsShipping is always FREE (in the lower 48 states) with 100% money back guarantee…no questions asked!

Many of our customers asked for a natural spider and spider web killer.  They also wanted a cockroach spray that was pet-friendly and could be used in their homes around their children.  We found that some of the items in almost every kitchen worked great!  Not only did the no-poison formulas work to get rid of these pests but also kept them from coming back…sometimes for months!  Because these products are made from hot sauce, soap and vinegar they create an acidic barrier that spiders, roaches, ants and bedbugs just hate!  These formulas can be used indoors or outdoors…effectively!  Visit our store and check out our Ant and Roach Eliminator and Spider eliminatorShipping is always FREE with 100% Money Back Guarantee…no questions asked!

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you have. You may contact us at: 800-562-3415, 304-309-5025 or email info@webaway.com.