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We are a family-owned business making the best natural bug killing sprays and insect repellents that really work…not for just 15 minutes but for hours, days and months.  We don’t use poisons or toxic chemicals…we use essential oils and make the best herbal bug repellents.  Our insect control sprays can be used on children and pets keeping them comfortable.  Our SHIPPING is always FREE (in the lower 48)!  100% money back GUARANTEE…no questions asked.

Because the Zika virus is raising its ugly head…and we really don’t know all the different ways it can affect us…we need an effective mosquito repellent, Florida Special Insect Repellent that does not contain the toxic chemical ‘DEET’.  You can buy our natural mosquito repellent here.  It will keep you, your kids and your pets comfortable for hours.  Buy from our selection of chemical free bug repellents for your family hereSHIPS FREE!  In spite of all our precautions…we sometimes get bitten by insects…or get into poison ivy or poison oak.  Relieve the itching and help heal the rash by applying our AfterCare lotion made from herbs and extracts.  It really works!  If you’ve ever stepped into a fire ant hill you know how that stings.  AfterCare works immediately to stop the stinging!  Buy it here with a money back guarantee!

If you are a dog lover…it breaks your heart to see them constantly scratching flea bites.  Fleas carry diseases and bacteria.  Keep them comfortable with the best flea protection for dogs, Florida Special Insect Repellent for Animals.  It lasts for hours and sometimes for days.  Buy it here and get FREE SHIPPING!  Hot Spots are so annoying to both dogs and owners.  Relieve their itching and soothe and heal the irritation with our NO POISONS PetEase Hot Spot Remedy.  Save hundreds on vet bills the natural way.  Buy it today and bring soothing relief to your pet immediately.

We all want our homes to look neat and attractive…free from the dust, dirt and insect debris of spiders and their webs.  We developed our natural spider repellent, Spider Eliminator because every time we would wipe the webs away…they would be back the next day!  It’s the best outdoor spider repellent spray made from products in your kitchen…hot sauce…vinegar and soap!  You can use it indoors too…just spray it wherever spiders or webs are found.  You can use it around your children and pets without worrying about toxic chemicals and poisons.  Buy it here in a convenient 16 oz spray bottle.

Ants and Roaches are other pesky critters we don’t want in our homes.  Our cockroach spray is ‘kids and pet friendly’ because it is made from natural ingredients.  It keeps roaches away for weeks and months…kills ants too!  Roaches can be a real hazard in our homes because they carry disease and bacteria.  Eliminate roaches and ants using our chemical free Ant and Roach Eliminator spray.  Buy it here with FREE SHIPPING!