Zika Virus Symptoms

We found this interesting information on the internet and thought you would like to be aware of the symptoms of Zika…especially since it’s so new here in the US.

Symptoms of Zika virus in most people are similar to other arboviruses such as Chikungunya (fever, headache, fatigue primarily). The recent epidemic in Brazil, however, has been distinctively marked by detection of the disease in fetal amniotic fluid and an elevated reporting of cases of microcephaly (small head size) in newborns.

Given the virus’ recent introduction to the Americas, some epidemiologists have expressed concern that resistance may be low, leading to increased transmission rates and severity of symptoms. In rare cases, Zika symptoms have been associated with Guillain-Barre syndrome, which causes the body’s immune system to attack its neurological system and can lead to paralysis.

Because no Zika vaccine yet exist, the response to the outbreak involves stepped-up public health efforts, including vector control of mosquitoes, public awareness, staff training, and development of treatment protocols. Due to the heightened risks to fetal development and pregnancy advisories, the outbreak has also increased the demand for contraceptives .

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